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2 Admiral Fitch Ave
Brunswick, ME

Property Highlights:
   •   12,150 square feet
   •   Ample parking

   •   RAYUS Radiology

    •   Dermatology Associates

    •   Lajoie Bros, Inc.
Delivery Method:
   •    New construction
   •    Built, owned, maintained & leased by Priority Real Estate Group.

Priority Real Estate Group developed and built a 12,150 square foot mixed-use office building at the front entrance to Brunswick Landing. RAYUS Radiology, a national medical imaging company occupies 5,400 square feet. Dermatology Associates, the largest dermatology practice in New England occupies 4,400 square feet, and Lajoie Bros, Inc., Maine's premier general contractor has a satellite office in the remaining 2,350 square feet.

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