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(Priority) is a commercial real estate investment and development company located in Topsham, Maine. Established in 1998, Priority specializes in commercial real estate development with a core competency in site location, site and building design, permitting, construction management, budgeting and budget management, community relations, property leasing, build to suit value added construction management and property management and maintenance.

(Priority) has built over Three Hundred Million Dollars ($300,000,000) of commercial real estate since 1998 with One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000) invested in just the last 5 years.

Our investments include professional office, medical office, educational facilities, retail, manufacturing, industrial space, and convenience stores. We own and lease all of our properties and provide real estate development and construction services to clients developing their own properties. (Priority) places a high priority on delivering both our projects and our customer’s projects on time and on budget.

We have extensive experience working with Town Managers, Town Planners, Development Directors, Maine Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection and municipalities across the state of Maine. These relationships and our successful development track record allow us to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our Blueprint for Success
Our goal is to profitably build five new buildings on time and on budget each and every year. We meet that goal by being disciplined in our process, and that process doesn’t ever change – the only thing that changes is our customer. We manage the entire development from site selection to site acquisition, site planning, due diligence, neighborhood and community relations, building design, permitting and approvals, cost estimating and budget management, materials selection and sourcing, construction, and finally property maintenance.

Our disciplined process is the reason we can proudly say that every property we own is leased, every property cash flows, every property has equity and every property was delivered on time and on budget.

Community Development & Neighborhood Relations
(Priority) is well known for working closely with and managing the concerns of the community. Long before construction begins, we actively engage neighbors and businesses located near a future project and we explain our plans and listen to any potential concerns. This dialogue is essential for a project to be well received into the community, and for the planning process to go smoothly.

Our investment philosophy is long term, and so too is our philosophy on community development. After each property is finished, we donate $10,000 to local community organizations in the town where the property was developed. Our community development funds go to organizations that support kids, provide heating assistance, address homelessness and address hunger prevention.

We Pay Attention
Your Property Is Our Priority! The look and feel of our buildings and properties is not only important to our customers but so important to us that we maintain them ourselves. We know the first impression someone gets of us is how our properties look.

Our Grounds and Maintenance Staff takes great pride and care of our properties mowing, planting, raking, shoveling, plowing, maintaining irrigation, keeping sidewalks clear, checking outside lighting, clearing any debris and visiting regularly with our customers to identify any issues that need to be attended to. Our “preventative” maintenance approach means our customers spend their time focused on their business and not on facility and maintenance issues.

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