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Several of our most successful real estate investments and development projects have come about through partnerships with our customers.

If you have an interest in owning and investing in commercial real estate but don’t feel you have the finances, knowledge or experience to do so, let Priority Real Estate Group help. We are interested in becoming your property partner.

Often business owners are focused on and consumed with their own business operations, as they should be, if they want to be successful. Operating and growing a business’s operations takes time and substantial financial resources. This usually leaves the business in a position where they do not have the “extra” financial resources to invest in their own facility.

We understand this situation and can help. Let’s become property partners.

Our business is to find good quality people and businesses to rent and fill our properties. Your business is to operate your company profitability. Let’s combine our efforts and help each other reach our goals. We can partner together to own the real estate that your company needs. This helps us by having a good customer to fill our property and helps you participate in the long term ownership and financial rewards of being a partner in the property.

Priority Real Estate Group brings its construction management and financial resources to the partnership and you bring your company as a good customer.

Let us do the work. Together we can design your facility to meet you company’s needs. Then we can handle all the aspects of the project including construction, planning, permitting, financing, scheduling, everything right down to snow plowing, landscaping, building maintenance and all administrative and financial management responsibilities.

If this is of interest to you, take a minute to check out the “contact” section of our website and let's schedule a time to get together and discuss the possibilities in more detail.

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