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Priority Real Estate Group's core business is investing in and developing commercial real estate. We are long term investors that intend to build, lease, manage and own the properties we develop for a long period of time.

Priority Real Estate Group has built, owns and manages our own portfolio of over $150,000,000 of commercial real estate throughout Southern and Mid Coast Maine. These properties include retail properties, industrial buildings, schools, medical offices, professional offices, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and manufacturing facilities.

We would be honored to have you and your company as one of our customers. We will find you and your company a location and property that fits your specific needs, design a building and floor plan to address those needs, assist you in relocating to the new property, mow the lawn, plow the snow and maintain all aspects of the property.

Several of our most successful real estate investments and development projects have come about through partnerships with our customers.

If you have an interest in owning and investing in commercial real estate but don’t feel you have the finances, knowledge or experience to do so, let Priority Real Estate Group help. We are interested in becoming your property partner.

Often business owners are focused on and consumed with their own business operations, as they should be, if they want to be successful. Operating and growing a business’s operations takes time and substantial financial resources. This usually leaves the business in a position where they do not have the “extra” financial resources to invest in their own facility.

We understand this situation and can help. Let’s become property partners.

Priority Real Estate Group has built over $300,000,000 worth of commercial properties.

We use our expertise in construction management, site selection, site design and planning, building design, floor plan design, budgeting, cost estimating, permitting, building, bank financing and relationships with contractors to provide successful on time and on budget project and construction management services to dozens of companies.

Some of those completed projects are car dealerships, gas stations, office and medical buildings, banks and credit unions, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and equestrian facilities.

We would like the opportunity to provide you the same successful services. Real estate development projects are often time consuming and complex. They involve multiple contractors, suppliers, local and state agencies, zoning requirements, architects and funding sources.

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