8 Business Parkway
Brunswick, ME

Property Highlights:
    •    28,000 square feet
    •    Custom light manufacturing facility with offices
    •    Loading docks
    •    2 acres of laydown and storage space
    •    Natural gas



Delivery Method:
    •    Acquisition & expansion

    •    Owned, maintained & leased by Priority Real Estate Group

Priority Real Estate Group purchased this property from the Brunswick Development Corporation in 2008. The original building was 10,000 square feet. 

After the acquisition, Priority Real Estate Group constructed an additional 18,000 square feet of light manufacturing and office space. Priority Real Estate Group also purchased the adjacent 2 acre lot as a lay-down area. 

The lot includes a driveway to allow trucks ease of access to a loading door. This land presents a future expansion opportunity for the customer. The entire property is owned by Priority Real Estate Group.

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