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6 Plains Road
Hollis, ME

Property Highlights:
    •    3,500 square feet

    •    Co-branded with Dunkin Donuts
    •    Drive-thru for restaurant
    •    High speed diesel station

    •    High visibility at intersection of Route 117 and Plains Road

    •    Truck parking

    •    Nouria Energy Corporation

    •    Dunkin Donuts
Delivery Method:
    •    New Construction

    •    Built by Priority Real Estate Group


“We have worked very closely with Priority Real Estate Group for the last several years and have bought or built five locations with them over that time. Priority functions as our preferred real estate and site development partner.”

-John Koch
Chief Operating Officer—Nouria Energy Corporation
Priority Real Estate Group completed this 3,500 square foot property in December of 2011. Located at the intersection of Route 117 and Plains Road, The Hollis Nouria Lil’ Mart is co-branded with Dunkin Donuts. The site is configured with four dispensers under the front canopy and a high speed stand-alone diesel pump station in the rear. The high speed diesel station was built in response to a need from the nearby Poland Springs bottling plant to fuel their transport trucks.

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