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75 Topsham Fair Mall Rd
Topsham, ME

Property Highlights:
    •   4,100 Square feet
    •   Drive-thru
    •   Outdoor Patio
    •   Natural Gas

    •   Visibility from I-295

    •   Ample parking
    •    PR Restaurants, LLC
Delivery Method:
    •    New construction
    •    Built, owned, maintained & leased by Priority Real Estate Group.

Priority Real Estate Group finished construction of this freestanding 4,100 square foot Panera Bread on time and on budget despite winter construction. The restaurant opened in June of 2013.

The property benefits from a prime location in the Topsham Fair Mall with visibility from I-295 and includes a drive-thru. There are 75 dedicated parking spaces. Amenities include full irrigation, a gas fireplace, and an outdoor patio.

The meticulous landscaping and attention to detail set a new standard for future Panera Bread locations. Priority Real Estate Group is a preferred developer for Panera Bread. This property is owned by Priority Real Estate Group and leased to PR Restaurants, LLC—a Panera Bread franchisee.

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