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Lisbon salon finds new location

Terry Marstaller had worked in hair salons and rented booth locally since 1991.

Two years ago, she purchased Pure Hair at 689 Lisbon St. and re-named it the Hair Loft. In the spring she was told, along with other tenants, the building was being sold.

Marstaller was concerned for the future of her business. The news came only about a year and a half after she bought the salon, and she was faced with finding a new location.

“I'm not sure I would have purchased Pure Hair,” said Marstaller, “if I had known this would happen.”

Her current Lisbon Street location was purchased by Jim Howard's company, Priority Real Estate Group, and will become a Rusty's Market. Marstaller praised Howard for his willingness to work with the tenants of the building. Howard wanted to help them find new locations, and Marstaller began to consider buying a property.

“My intention was never to own a property,” Marstaller said. “Jim Howard helped set up meetings with the bank and negotiate a deal.”

She is set to close the sale of her new location Wednesday.

According to Marstaller, Howard was willing to work with the other businesses at the 689 Lisbon St. location as well. A unique situation, she was grateful Howard offered his assistance and showed a desire to help the businesses.

Marstaller never considered moving out of town, and wanted to keep her business in Lisbon Falls. The Hair Loft won't be going far. The new location will be at 700 Lisbon St., a spot left vacant since Frosty's Donuts left.

Until her new space is ready for operation, Marstaller will be open in her current space. She is hoping there will be no down time, and hopes to open the new location in early February.

And, as she prepares for the move, she has plenty of support for her business.

“I have a lot of friends and family that will help me reopen,” she said.

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