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689 Lisbon Street
Lisbon Falls, ME

Property Highlights:
    •    3,900 sq ft
    •    8 Gasoline Pumps

    •    24 Hour Irving Gas



    •    Rusty Lantern Markets
Delivery Method:
    •    New Construction. Will be be built, owned, & leased by Priority Real Estate Group.

NOW OPEN - Priority Real Estate Group completed construction of the new $3,600,000 Rusty Lantern Market C-store and gas station in December 2018. Miller's Variety, the building that previously sat at the same location, was demolished and replaced by a brand new state-of-the-art C-Store & gas station branded with Irving gas. This project was  done in conjunction with the Town Of Lisbon's $400K grant to improve the village, add new sidewalks, and street lighting.

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