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38 Middlesex Road
Topsham, ME

Property Highlights:
    •    Maine Association of Planners Project of the Year


    •    Ice cream stand
    •    Community Gazebo
    •    Natural Gas

    •    Ample parking

    •    Rusty's Market
Delivery Method:
    •    New Construction

    •    Built, owned, maintained and leased by Priority Real Estate Group


Rusty’s Market opened on November 29, 2013. The new convenience store, gas station and farm stand sits on the site of the former store, which has been a Topsham landmark for the past 40 years.

Through its subsidiary Rusty’s Market, LLC, Priority Real Estate Group is the owner and operator of the new store. Construction began in July of 2012, and finished in November 2013. Rusty’s Market is 3,150 square feet and includes a basement with a prep kitchen, storage, and a walk-in cooler.

Rusty’s Market incorporates the community in its design with amenities such as a bicycle maintenance station, a gazebo, ample green space and a farm stand that local farmers can use at no cost.

Rusty’s Market was the recipient of the “Project of the Year” from the Maine Association of Planners for 2013 for its model as neighborhood convenience store and farm stand.
The Maine Association of Planners noted that Rusty's Market is also a community gathering spot and has utilized design details to improve neighborhood compatibility and connectivity. Praise was given for challenging the industry mythology that convenience stores can only be designed the same way. Rusty’s Market can be the example of arterial development across Maine.

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