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1439 Main Street
Sanford, ME

Property Highlights:
    •    8,736 square feet

    •    Co-branded with McDonald's
    •    Drive-thru for restaurant
    •    Ample parking

    •    High visibility on Route 9 and Route 4

    •    Nouria Energy Corporation

    •    McDonald's
Delivery Method:
    •    New Construction

    •    Built by Priority Real Estate Group


Priority Real Estate Group finished this 8,736 square foot property in October of 2011 which is located at the roundabout of Routes 109 and 4. The site includes a convenience store co-branded with McDonald's, a 60 foot car wash and a 5 dispenser fueling station. 

The fueling station, convenience store and car wash were part of Priority Real Estate Group’s larger development which includes a Sanford Institute for Savings Bank Branch and a hotel development lot. In order for the project to happen, Priority Real Estate Group ran 3,500 feet of sewer main and installed a high capacity pumping station with enough capacity to accommodate future development.

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