73 Admiral Fitch Avenue
Brunswick, ME

Property Highlights:
   •    3,620 square feet
   •    Fully equipped for surgical procedures
   •    Enclosed dog run outside
   •    Prime frontage on Admiral Fitch Avenue, the
entrance to Brunswick Landing
   •    Sunray Animal Clinic
Delivery Method:
   •    New construction
   •    Built, owned, maintained & leased by Priority Real
Estate Group.

Sunray Animal Clinic
Sunray Animal Clinic

Sunray Animal Clinic
Sunray Animal Clinic

Sunray Animal Clinic Front Entrance
Sunray Animal Clinic Front Entrance

Sunray Animal Clinic
Sunray Animal Clinic


The development represents Priority Real Estate Group’s first ground-up construction project at Brunswick Landing and their continued commitment to investing at the former Naval Air Station. Sunray Animal Clinic is the type of businesses envisioned in the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority’s (“MRRA”) reuse plan according to Steve Levesque, MRRA’s executive director.

“The community wanted really good, high-quality development activity on the property,” he said. “Having quality developers like Priority Real Estate Group is a real key to making that a success story. I’m pleased because the plan is being implemented like it was envisioned, and how often does that happen? We are excited to welcome Sunray Animal Clinic to Brunswick Landing."

Priority Real Estate Group, the owner and developer of the property, entered into a long term lease with Sunray Animal Clinic. Owned and operated by Dr. Anne Del Borgo, Sunray Animal Clinic is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. The clinic was opened in early 2015.